Sunday, June 28, 2009


Well, I had a very productive night; our group decided to go ahead with both our resolutions, releasing us from a meeting tomorrow!

We had a little difficulty moving past semantics, but as the daughter of an English major, I understand the importance of words.

Unfortunately, I still have a 6:30am caucus with the other Minnesota Delegates, so no sleeping in for me...but possibly a nap :)

I have heard from people on the Eugenics, NAFTA and Constitutional Changes committees, and they were all able to adjourn as well! Of course, all of us were and are praying for Group 6 - the Single Governance Group - that they may have open hearts and minds, knowing that we are all sisters and brothers in the body of Christ - and I hope you will pray for them as well.

The Single Governance Issue is the BIG issue this Synod. I think this provides us with the opportunity to encourage our congregations to become more involved in, and more aware of, UCC polity, and my hope is that no matter what the outcome this week, it will at least enlighten us all on the way our denomination is run.

Possible blog in the morning after caucus, so stay tuned; it's not like I'll have anything else to do!

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