Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Goodbye Grand Rapids!

Words can hardly express...

I'm at the airport now, waiting for my flight home (by way of Milwaukee). I had to leave the plenary early, which was too bad, but I only missed one and a half resolutions and one was recommended no action by the committee who looked at it. The other was an important one, in my opinion, about encouraging diversity training in public schools. There was some opposition from those that wanted the LGBT concerns kept out. After some discussion, the vote was called, which meant we had to vote on whether the discussion should continue or not.

That vote was close, so close that they had to do an actual count of yea vs. nay. I had time to vote on that, but then we had to leave, so I didn't get to vote on the actual resolution :(

But, I asked my friend Nick to text me when the vote was taken, and about halfway to the airport I got a text saying, "Vote passed." Yay!

As my fellow delegate and cab sharer and I were discussing, I shared my feeling that I can't wait for Tampa in 2011. Even though I fell into the groove by the end of the first night - making friends, finding my way around, and meeting up with fellow MN delegates - it will be nice to have a better idea of what to expect coming in so I am free to fully enjoy myself!

So many good memories, but here are a few to leave you with:

  • Karaoke on the last night with a bunch of UCC YA's - including a stirring rendition of Joy To The World!
  • "Carbon Neutral is death" - MN Delegate and Scientist, Phil
  • Karen S-S's way of expressing confusion and frustration at the same time
  • Al T's smile and humor
  • My awesome roommate Jennifer and our illuminating talks - it was a blessing to have a roommate who was willing to put up with my late nights, blogging and mess!
  • Abby and Jake - both with their inspirational personalities
  • My new MN Conf. friends Nick, David and James
Yikes! I have so much more, but my flight is boarding! I'll try to edit this later, or at least post more!

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